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  • pv150&500 series

    solar pump inverter

    power range:0.2-450kw

  • pv580 series

    ip65 solar pump inverter

    power range:0.75-55kw

  • fr500a series

    vector control drinve

    power range:0.7-450kw

  • fr150a series

    multifunctional drive

    power range:0.2-160kw

  • sp500 series

    hybrid off-grid solar inverter

    power range:3-5kw

solar pump inverter applicationsolar pump inverter application

with the intensifying energy crisis in today's world, frecon actively promotes the concept of new energy utilization and sustainable development-the pv series of solar pump inverters came into being, and has enjoyed a good reputation in the domestic and overseas markets since its launch. the pv series solar pump inverter can convert the direct current of the solar panel into alternating current and drive various water pumps. it has made major contributions to farm irrigation, drinking water, and desert management.